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The Kenmore 4044 is a high-end front-loading washer similar to the Kenmore 4031.

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gentle on all types of fabric

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automatically selects the right temperature and cycle

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clothes come out mostly dry, spend very little time in the drier afterward

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steam function effectively removes odors

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washer takes a long time to run a cycle

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difficult to get balanced properly

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adjustment process for different sized loads takes a long time to work through

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The Kenmore 4044 is a high-end front-loading washer similar to the Kenmore 4031. The main improvement that the 4044 offers over the 4031 is its steam wash option. Otherwise, the 4044 offers all of the same features that the 4031 offers, including: a 4.2 cu. ft. capacity, Smart Wash and Vibration Guard Technology as well as 1,200 max RPM (Rotations Per Minute).

The 4044's steam powered wash options and cycles provide extended cleaning power that is both powerful and gentle on all types of clothing and fabrics; its Steam Refresh option can be used to quickly and gently freshen clothing, eliminating foul odours effectively. Its Smart Wash Technology provides the 4044 with extended wash cycle flexibility by way of 4 wash motion options (Tumbling, Rolling, Scrubbing, Stepping) while Vibration Guard Technology ensures that the 4044 runs smoothly and quietly on any floor of the house due to vibration dampeners and a balance system. Additionally, the 4044's 1,200 max RPM ensures faster wash, rinse and dry cycles for a more efficient overall clean.


  • 4.2 cu. ft. drum capacity
  • 10 wash cycles and 7 wash options
  • 1,200 max RPM
  • Energy Star certified
  • NSF certified - eliminates 99.9% of certain bacteria naturally
  • Smart Wash Technology provides 4 wash motion options
  • Vibration Guard technology ensures quieter performance
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