The Kenmore 4041 is an expensive, low-end front-load washing machine.

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The Kenmore 4041 is an expensive, low-end front-load washing machine. The Kenmore 4041 washing machine can handle a 3.1 cu foot load size; which Kenmore quotes to be equivalent to a maximum of 15 bath towels. The biggest feature of the 4041 model is the Energy Star qualification and Energy Guide functions; Kenmore claims this allows users to save up to 45% more energy and 35% more water than any traditional top load washer. The only problem foreseen with this claim is the fact that most washing machines on the market today are also Energy Star certified. The Kenmore 4041 device also features a 950 RPM max spin speed which lessens the overall total drying time of washed fabrics; Kenmore claims the speed enables the device to be "extremely efficient". The 4041 machine includes additional features such as a stainless steel wash basket, a steel body design adorned with a professional white painted finish, full rotary setting controls, 4 separate water temperatures, 6 different wash cycles, a dispenser that can handle detergent, bleach and fabric softener, permanent press support, and special sound signals at end cycle and load times.

A very wide array of reviews have also stated that this device does not last more than 4-5 years and the total cost of the replacement parts and service charge add to more than the original cost of the device.

  • Low-end front-load washing machine
  • Steel body design adorned with professional white painted finish
  • Energy Star and Energy Guide qualifications
  • Stainless steel wash basket
  • Full rotary setting controls
  • 4 separate water temperature settings; 6 different wash cycle settings
  • Dispenser that can inject laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softener cleaning solutions
  • Permanent press support
  • Special sound signals to alert users to end of cycle and load times
  • Available in White (Kenmore 40412)

It should be noted that Kenmore also offers the additional purchase of two different warranty plans at the time the appliance is purchased.

  • 3YR In-Home Master Protection Agreement- $169.99
  • 5YR In-Home Master Protection Agreement- $259.99

Kenmore will also have a qualified dealer deliver the appliance and pick up any old appliances you may have for a small fee. It is only quoted for one device; therefore if you purchase both a washer and dryer and want both old appliances removed the fee would be doubled.

  • Haul away your existing appliance; Haul-away charge (1-item)- $10.00
Key Specs
  • Load Size: 3.0 cu feet
  • Wash Motion: tumble action
  • Maximum Spin Speed: 950 RPM
  • Standard Cycles: normal, heavy duty, delicate, permanent press
  • Special Cycles: hand wash, express wash,
  • Cycle Options: pre-wash, extra rinse
  • Energy Star Qualified: Yes
  • Estimated Power Consumption Per Year (Kilowatts): 224
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Dimensions: 26-3/4 in. (W) x 27-1/4 in.(D w/ door closed); 44-1/4 in.(D w/ door open)
  • General Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
  • Accessories: power cord, fill and drain hoses
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