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The Kenmore 4031 is a mid-range front-loading washer very similar to the Kenmore 4027.

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enough cycles to choose from for most people's needs

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reasonably large capacity, big enough for most households

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cleans clothes thoroughly, works well even on stains

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doesn't draw too much power while it is running

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manages vibrations well, doesn't shake the house

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tends to get top-heavy on a pedestal, smallest imbalance throws it off

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customer service isn't very helpful when called

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takes a long time adjusting itself to the balance of the load

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The Kenmore 4031 is a mid-range front-loading washer very similar to the Kenmore 4027. Like the 4027, the 4031 sports Smart Wash and Vibration Guard Technology. However, the 4031 improves upon several of the 4027's key features, offering a larger 4.2 cu. ft. capacity (as opposed to the 4027's 4.0), 1,200 Max RPM (as opposed to the 4027's 1,100) and an expanded 10 wash cycles (as opposed to the 4027's 8).

The 4031's Smart Wash Technology adds 4 wash motion options (Tumbling, Rolling, Scrubbing, Stepping) which enable it to better treat specific types of clothing, providing a more powerful clean without shortening your clothing's lifespan. Its Vibration Guard Technology ensures that the 4031 runs smoothly and quietly by way of vibration dampeners and a balance system while its 4.2 cu. ft. capacity can hold approximately 38 extra large t-shirts in a single load. Additionally, the 4031's 1,200 Max RPM allows for shorter wash, rinse and dry cycles while its 10 wash cycles make for a more flexible washer.

  • 4.2 cu. ft. drum capacity
  • 10 wash cycles and 6 wash options
  • 1,200 max RPM
  • Energy Star certified
  • NSF certified - eliminates 99.9% of certain bacteria naturally
  • Smart Wash Technology provides 4 wash motion options
  • Vibration Guard technology ensures quieter performance
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Post Review
12/09/2010 11:48

Every load results in thumping. Large loads and small loads produce thumping. We had an LG front loader which is still under warantee and thumping was not a problem. This is very disappointing. ???????????



12/10/2010 11:24

Sorry, for your problem but this post made me laugh. All the thumping! hehehe

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