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The Kenmore 8756 is a 6.7 cubic ft. H2 Super Capacity electric dryer.

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large capacity, can handle a lot of clothes all at once

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runs reasonably energy efficient, won't increase the electric bill over most dryers

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simple dial and button controls, no need for instructions

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clothes often come out wrinkled

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lint catcher has a lip that can catch certain fabrics

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clothes are often still damp, need to rerun the cycle at the end

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not many options available when setting the cycle

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The Kenmore 8756 is a 6.7 cubic ft. H2 Super Capacity electric dryer that utilizes Auto Moisture Sensing to automatically adjust cycle times. Part of the H2 series, the Kenmore 8756 differs from the Kenmore 8751/8753 only in the fact that it incorporates a white drum versus painted steel. In all other ways, however, the Kenmore 8756 is the exact same. In fact, the Kenmore 8756 also features 6 standard cycles (casual, damp dry, delicate, heavy duty, normal, 80-minute timed dry), 6 special cycles (express dry, jeans, large items, sensor dry, touch-up, 90-minute Wrinkle Guard), and 6 temperature options. In fact, the Wrinkle Guard cycle was specifically developed by Kenmore to relax clothes and keep them wrinkle free. In addition, the Kenmore 8756 comes equipped with 4-way venting, an end-of-cycle signal, a QuietPak 4 package, a clear window door, and a dial with tap touch controls. The Kenmore 8756 retails for $899.99 (versus $799.99) in white and $999.99 in twilight, and can be purchased at either Sears or K-Mart. Although the Kenmore 8756 comes with a 1 year limited warranty, extended 3YR and 5YR In-Home Master Protection plans are available for a fee.

  • Capacity: 6.7 Cu. Ft.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 36 x 27 x 28-5/8
  • Available in White (Kenmore 87561)
  • Available in Twilight (Kenmore 87567)
  • 6 Standard Cycles
  • 6 Special Cycles
  • 6 Temperature Options
  • End-of-Cycle Signal
  • Check Lint Screen Light
  • Door Window
  • Dial With Tap Touch Controls
  • QuietPak 4
  • Moisture Sensing
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • In-Home Master Protection Plans Available
Model Numbers

8756x where x indicates the specific model's colour. Model numbers include: 87561, 87567. Specific models are detailed below:

Kenmore 87561
  • White
  • MSRP: $899.99
Kenmore 87567
  • Twilight
  • MSRP: $999.99


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