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Kellogg's All Bran Buds is absolutely packed with fibre.

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Contains tons of fiber

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Contains tons of Vitamins and Minerals

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Tastes awful to a lot of people

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Looks like something i would feed my Hampster

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Kellogg's All Bran Buds is absolutely packed with fibre. 12 grams in a 28 gram serving. Thats 48% of the percent of daily value, so 2/3 of a cup and you've got pretty much all the fibre you need.

One of the few cereals to contain Psyllium Fibre (may cause an allergic reaction in some individuals). Comes in a 500g box.

  • Nutritional facts (28g or 1/3 of a cup serving):
    • Fat: 0.5g (no saturated or trans)
    • Sodium: 190mg
    • Carbs: 23g
      • Fibre: 12g
      • Sugars: 8g
      • Starch: 3g
    • Protein: 3g
  • Vitamins and Minerals as % of daily intake:
    • Calcium: 2%
    • Iron: 25%
    • Thiamin: 45%
    • Riboflavin: 4%
    • Niacin: 10%
    • Vit. B: 10%
    • Folate: 8%
    • Panthothenate: 6%
    • Phosphorus: 15%
    • Magnesium: 30%
    • Zinc: 15%
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05/03/2009 12:44


I would check the box, it may be that these cereal (like many of the healthier choices) contains a combination of real sugar an artificial one (ie: sucralose) making the 8g a total amount.

11/13/2008 12:26

That seems like a lot of sugar. As a comparison, Special K & Corn Flakes (per 29g) only has 2g of sugar. Not sure if this is a valid comparison since I'm not a nutrition expert, but at least puts it in context. I would guess the sugar is also processed since I think they would market it as natural sugars if it weren't.



01/10/2011 03:58

Sugar is listed as the second ingredient. They shouldn't put in any!



01/11/2011 12:01

Personally, I find those things to taste absolutely dreadful. So I'm not really surprised sugar is the number two ingredient.

11/10/2008 09:18

I want to know if the 8g of sugar per 1/3 cup serving is too high. What kind of sugar? Is it processed, refined, white sugar? I really like the taste, I eat them on the drive to work, but I'm trying to cut out as much processed sugar as possible.

Any thoughts?

01/17/2008 02:26

Personally, I love these. The only cereal I eat anymore.

The few reviews I found online when I was looking for a picture said the cereal was absolutely terrible, though one reviewer admitted that she has been eating them for 6 months despite thinking they taste like cardboard.

Personally I find they have a slightly honey like taste and are crunchy and easy to munch on. Not cardboard-y at all. Not to mention that all that fibre keeps the internals chugging a long good and steady.

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