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The K2 Hurrithane is a lower mid-cost snowboard binding.

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The K2 Hurrithane is a lower mid-cost snowboard binding. Features that are new for the 2011 model of the Hurrithane include the Pro-Fusion GF chassis, which is built upon a polycarbonate design and provides forgiving flex for advanced riders. This chassis features an on-board tool-less adjust power ramp, on-board toe strap mount position and multi-position ankle strap mount. Another feature new for the 2011 Hurrithane is the Tweakback Highback, which is designed for maximum freestyle flexibility. This highback is stable and supportive when engaged, and loose and bendy when you want more freedom. The Hurrithane's disc is multi-compatible, so that it can fit on a variety of snowboards. The toe strap of this snowboard binding allows for tool-less adjustment. The footbed of this snowboard binding is seamless EVA, a feature geard toward comfort. There are size options available for the K2 Hurrithane snowboard binding.

  • Size options
  • Pro-Fusion GF chassis
  • Hinge Mount strap
  • Aluminum Litespeed Ratchets w/ EZ Feed Housings
  • Caddy Ankle Strap
  • Multi-Compatible disc
  • Cam-Lock centering strap
  • Seamless EVA footbed w/ Pop-Top Disc Cover, Tool-Less Adjust Power Ramp
  • Tool-Less Universal Toe Strap
  • Tweakback Highback
  • Color: Yellow
Size Options
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
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