The K2 Drone is a mid-cost snowboard binding.

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The K2 Drone is a mid-cost snowboard binding. New for the 2011 model of the Drone are a few footbed features, including the Harshmellow Shockpads, which help to reduce the impact of bad landings. Another new feature is the tool-less adjust power ramp, which makes for easy fine-tuning. The Drone's footbed is comprised of seamless EVA, with a pop-top disc cover. This design is geared toward comfort and simplicity. Another feature new for 2011 is the Auto EZ-Set Toe Strap, which allows you to fine-tune your fit with ease. This toe strap is specifically designed to fit K2's fiberglass Auto chassis (which is what the Drone has). The custom caddy ankle strap is another feature on the Drone that is geared toward easy and quick adjustment on the slopes. The discs of these bindings are geared toward compatibility, so that you will not have a problem fitting them on to your snowboard. The K2 Drone snowboard binding has size options.  

  • Hinge Mount and Cam-Lock centering strap
  • Auto chassis
  • Footbed features: Canted Footbed, Harshmellow Shockpads, Seamless EVA w/ Pop-Top Disc Cover, Tool-Less Adjust Power Ramp
  • Auto EZ-Set Toe Strap
  • Aluminum Airlite Ratchets w/ EZ Feed Housings
  • Airlock Highback
  • Custom Caddy Ankle Strap
  • Multi-Compatible and Offset Discs
  • Color: Black
  • Size options
Size Options
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
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