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The K2 Shockwave is a men's ski designed for advanced, expert level performance.

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great response at lower speeds, provides a comfortable ride

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fairly good control at high speeds

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good all-purpose ski for variable conditions

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plows through crud smoothly, won't throw you off

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gains some edge control even on hard snow

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glides over soft snow easily, but can carve through it at low speeds as well

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doesn't have a hard-carving edge for high speeds, not completely perfect for attacking en piste

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The K2 Shockwave is a men's ski designed for advanced, expert level performance. The Shockwave is the next evolution of the previous Apache Raider model. It features an all-terrain rocker, torsion box technology, and triaxial braiding.

The Shockwave features an all-terrain rocker, which has an elevated tip for variable and soft snow performance, with a camber underfoot for power and holding the edges in firmer snow conditions. Torsion box technology allows for there to be specific differences between all the K2 models while still maintaining the same level of forgiveness, responsiveness, and energy. The triaxial braiding consists of braiding fibreglass around a wood core to provide torsional rigidity and control.
This model differs from the K2 Charger, which features the speed rocker, but is shares the all-terrain rocker design with the K2 Aftershock, K2 Photon, and the K2 Rictor.

  • men's ski
  • all-mountain ski
  • for expert skiiers
  • sizes: 156, 163, 170, 177
  • binding options: Marker K2/M2 11.0 TC
  • all-terrain rocker
  • torsion box technology
  • triaxial braiding
  • men's specific mod structure and monic
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