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The K2 Revival is a twin tip men's ski that is designed for competitive use by prefessional skiiers.

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has a special edition Iron Maiden topsheet

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edges won't catch on little bumps or moguls

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designed for forward and back skiing, won't dig in backwards

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super solid build is very stable on heavy landings and high speeds

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perfect for the park, grabs air easily

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sidewall contributes to extreme durability, can take a few hits in the park

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fun riding on groomers and all-mountain terrain, nice response

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too sensitive and stiff for newer skiers

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looses some stability when carving

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The K2 Revival is a twin tip men's ski that is designed for competitive use by prefessional skiiers. It comes equipped with a Jib Rocker, Absorb ABS/Urethane hybrid sidewalls, and K2's Schizofrantic Inserts.

The Revival allows riders to ride smoothly whether they're riding forward or in switch. It features a Jib rocker, which has an elevated tip and tail and a zero camber underfoot, allowing for butters and surface tricks, and a certain pop needed for ollies. The Absorb ABS/Urethane hybrid sidewalls is a horizontal sidewall construction that features a urethane layer in between ABS for shock absorption, which lessens the impact of hard landngs. The Schizofrantic Inserts allow for a fast mounting of the binding system without the need for any drilling.
This model is comparable to the K2 Press, which also features the Jib Rocker, but differs in that is contains a directional taper, and does not feature the Absorb ABS/Urethane hybrid sidewalls or the Schizofrantic Inserts.

  • men's ski
  • twin tip ski
  • sizes: 159, 164, 169, 174, 179
  • binding options: flat or Griffon SchzoFrantic
  • jib rocker
  • bi-directional taper
  • twin tech sidewalls
  • absorb-abs/urethane hybrid sidewalls
  • 3.5mm edges
  • tip and tail plates and rivets
  • torsion box technology
  • triaxial braiding
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