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The K2 Press is a men's twin tip ski that is designed for the ski enthusiast.

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great traction for hard stops and easy turns

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smooth ride through crud and over minor obstacles

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flexible enough to give an easier ride for beginners

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great floatation over powder, handles it easily

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light enough to carry around without any strain

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too flexible for hard carving

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top sheet peels fairly quickly from grinding rails

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The K2 Press is a men's twin tip ski that is designed for the ski enthusiast. It was built with a unique flex pattern, and includes features such as the Jib Rocker, a directional taper, and torsion box technology. This model replaces the previous Fujative model line.

The Press features the Jib Rocker, which has an elevated tip and tail and a zero camber underfoot for butters and surface tricks, as well as offering a pop needed for ollie tricks. The directional taper offers a marginally wider tip than tail, that works to maximize the ski's performance in the forward direction. It will then make a slightly different arc when riding switch. The torsion box technology allows for there to be specific differences between all of the K2 models, while still maintaining the same level of forgiveness, responsiveness, and energy.
This model is comparable to the K2 Domain, which also has a Jib Rocker, but differs in that it has a symmetrical taper.

  • men's ski
  • twin tip ski
  • unique flex pattern
  • sizes: 149, 154, 169, 179
  • binding options: flat
  • vertical cap construction
  • jib rocker
  • directional taper
  • torsion box technology
  • triaxial braiding
  • tip and tail plates and rivets
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