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The K'Nex Rescue Copter is one in four sets in K’Nex’s Air Action Series of building kits.

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Functional design is very appealing to kids - character being rescued is pulled up as the helicopter blades are rotated

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Helicopter design is large and fairly accurate - great introduction for users who may want to get into advanced model assembly

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Great alternative to puzzles and/or craft building - helps build cognitive strength amongst young users

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Schematic/instruction sheet is easy to follow - "blown-out" diagram helps users piece together layered parts and see how different components interact

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Ideal for users familiar with K'Nex parts - incorporates many of the company's familiar bar/gear pieces

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Great for driven young children - unit is fun to assemble and only takes a couple of hours (maintains attention span)

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Some components have trouble staying attached to one another - may cause extreme frustration during assembly

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The K'Nex Rescue Copter is one in four sets in K’Nex’s Air Action Series of building kits. It comes with 231 pieces, including bricks, rods, wheels, connectors and other parts, for the completion of the Rescue Copter. It is recommended for children aged 5 and older. The Copter can be combined with another set in the series, the Spy Plane, to create the Ultra Plane. 

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12/29/2011 11:01

The instructions are almost impossible to follow, they seldom use the interlocking technique in this model and the instructions don't even give a hint as to how many blocks are being added in a step never mind which ones. I had a frustrating time with this particular model. It constantly broke apart. Many pieces are held on by only one point on a block!

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