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The JVC KW-AVX640 is a mobile A/V head unit, JVC's entry-level offering for their 2011 mobile series.

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Installation is relatively straightforward as compared to other units from Kenwood and Denon - does not require professional assistance

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Detachable faceplate maximizes safety - very simple to remove via one-touch button response

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Volume knob is conducive to on-the-go levelling - significantly easier to use than buttoned controls

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USB and auxiliary inputs provide simultaneous connectivity options - can be used to sync incoming audio and video from two different sources

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Rear-view camera synchronization promotes safety - minimizes looking back and forth between two separate screens while driving

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4-volt preamp output is highly versatile - compatible with modern low-gain stereo systems

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The JVC KW-AVX640 is a mobile A/V head unit, JVC's entry-level offering for their 2011 mobile series. The KW-AVX640 is ready for Bluetooth, which you can access by purchasing JVC’s optional KS-BTA100 Bluetooth adapter. With the addition of this adapter, you get hands-free calling, audio streaming and voice dialing. This line of JVC A/V head units was created with MotionX-GPS Drive, which means that they can be used with your iPod/iPhone. Your iPod/iPhone can become a navigation device, its map data being displayed on the KW-AVX640's screen. You can also use this A/V head unit to control song playback on your iPod/iPhone. When you are playing music, it will be turned down so that this unit can give you turn-by-turn directions. If you want to play iPod/iPhone video content on the KW-AVX640's 6.1 inch detachable screen, you must get the KS-U30 iPod/iPhone playback adapter. This model differs from the higher cost KW-AVX740 model in that the KW-AVX740 has a one year warranty, three sets of 4V line pre-outs, has Bluetooth built in, four MOS-FET fifty watt outputs (for more audio output options), and a wireless remote. The JVC KW-AVX640 mobile A/V head unit has DVD playback.  

  • Double-DIN
  • 6.1” detachable screen
  • Bluetooth-ready
  • Optional KS-BTA100 adapter
  • AUX input
  • Color: Black
  • Optional KS-U30 iPod/iPhone video playback adapter
  • SAT radio ready
  • DVD playback
  • Dolby Digital sound
  • DivX
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