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The JVC KT-HD300 is an HD radio tuner that utilizes HD Radio technology to render crystal-clear reception.

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very simple to install, entry-level users can handle it

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provides full RDS information for HD stations

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sound quality of the output is very good, excellent fidelity

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large variety of content available in most metropolitan areas

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excellent reception, makes the most of faint signals

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unit is perfectly smooth with no place for screws, need to be creative about anchoring it

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doesn't provide RDS info for normal radio stations, HD only

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a bit bulky, sometimes difficult to find a mounting spot for installation

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The JVC KT-HD300 is an HD radio tuner that utilizes HD Radio technology to render crystal-clear reception and improved sound quality from one’s favorite AM/FM broadcasts. Designed to connect through the JVC’s proprietary J-Bus expansion port, the KT-HD300 is compatible with all 2008 JVC HD Radio receivers including the KD-G340, KD-PDR80, KD-BT11, KD-DV7400, KD-AV7100, KD-AVX44, KW-AVX710, KW-AVX810, KW-NX7000, KD-AR390, KD-APD89, KD-ABT22, KW-ADV790 and KD-ADV49. All a user must do is connect their KT-HD300 unit to a compatible JVC receiver, tune into a participating station, and enjoy CD-quality music. In addition, the KT-HD300 offers multi-casting in that the unit can tune into an HD station’s additional channels of programming (HD1 to HD8), thereby allowing a user access to the station name, song titles, artist names, and even album names on a display without a subscription fee. The JVC KT-HD300 also boasts a 5’ proprietary J-bus cable, a female Motorola antenna port, a two-prong power/guard port, and traditional analog AM/FM broadcasts with 3 preset FM bands and 1 preset 1 AM band with 6 stations per band. The JVC KT-HD300 retails for $149.95 and comes with a 1 year limited warranty. Additional service plans are available for a fee.

  • HD Radio Technology
  • J-Bus Expansion Port
  • Multi-Casting
  • 5’ Proprietary J-Bus Cable
  • Female Motorola Antenna Port
  • Two-Prong Power/Guard Port
  • HD AM/FM Broadcats
  • Traditional Analog AM/FM Broadcasts
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
Available Service Plans
  • 2 years – $24.99
  • 3 years – $34.99
  • 5 years – $59.99
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