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The JVC KD-AHD79 is a CD receiver for car audio systems with a built-in HD radio tuner.

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HD radio comes in crystal clear and with well-defined stereo

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controls take very little time to get used to

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easy to work with while driving, good file navigation

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front standard-size USB port

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Bluetooth ready

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enough power output for most speakers without needing an extra amp

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button console has attractive angles and cool backlighting, nice mix of colors

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FM quality is good and clear even with weaker signals

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missing support for AAC files through anything other than a proper iPod

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The JVC KD-AHD79 is a CD receiver for car audio systems with a built-in HD radio tuner. This is similar to the JVC KD-HDR70, but uses Arsenal quality components for increased durability and includes a 2 year warranty. They are otherwise identical, with the same faceplate and feature sets. A USB port enables 2-way iPod/iPhone control and includes an external mode for the iPhone and iPod Touch. iTunes tagging is also built in. Both MP3 and WMA files can be played from a CD, and dual AUX inputs are available for input from a wide variety of portable devices. Output runs through a 4 channel MOSFET filter at 50 watts per channel, and a 7 band iEQ balances the audio to ensure proper tone.

  • Built-in HD Radio tuner
  • CD receiver
  • Satellite ready
  • iTunes tagging
  • Front USB port for 2-way iPod/iPhone control
  • External mode for iPhone/iPod Touch
  • MP3/WMA compatible
  • Bluetooth ready
  • Separated variable-color illumination display
  • Dual AUX inputs
  • 7-band iEQ
  • MOS-FET 50W x 4
  • Wireless remote included
  • 2 year warranty
Post Review
10/15/2011 04:19

Can you plug a sprint cell phone in the USB and listen to music/charge it?

04/10/2011 02:17

what are acc files?



07/09/2011 10:59

AAC is the file format that Apple/iPods use for audio files. In other words, you can't create a data disc from iTunes and play it on this head unit.

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