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The JVC KD-AHD69 is a midrange radio receiver.

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Can control the display color- make sure it blends in well with the interior of your car

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Menu interface is really easy to operate

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Excellent "Value Buy"- Great features at an enticing price point

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Easy to use the USB port- right at the front of the unit

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Perfect unit for people who listen to a ton of HD radio- don't need a separate HD tuner

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Has the ability to interface with a car's steering wheel controls

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The JVC KD-AHD69 is a midrange radio receiver. It hosts a variety of input options such as an USB port for iPod/iPhone, Bluetooth audio streaming, and HD radio. An optional BTA200 Bluetooth remote control can be used with the receiver. Other features include four 50W audio output, 7 band EQ, and a MOS-FET amplifier. The built in tuner is compatible with FM, AM, and HD ratio; it can store up to 18 FM stations and is SAT radio ready. The AHD69 supports a range of digital audio formats such as MP3 and WMA as well as ID3 song information tags. The JVC KD-AHD69 is a good option for buyers looking for a radio receiver with a solid range of features. 

Features / Specifications
  • MOS-FET 50W x 4 (20W RMS x 4)
  • Advanced Multi-bit DAC
  • 7-Band iEQ
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • USB Audio for iPod/iPhone etc.
  • 2-Way Control for iPod/iPhone (Headunit/iPod or iPhone)
  • Front USB Port (MP3/WMA/iPod & iPhone Audio)
  • MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3/WMA Tag (CD/USB)
  • Built-in HD Radio Tuner
  • SAT Radio Ready
  • DiAS II Tuner
  • 5.0V Line and Subwoofer Output Level
  • 2 Gold-Plated Pre-Output Terminals (Front + Subwoofer)
  • Subwoofer Control
  • Front AUX-IN
  • Steering Wheel Remote Ready
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