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The JVC DR-MV150B is a DVD/VCR recorder announced by JVC on January 9th of 2009.

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good customer support

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easy to set up and use

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built in HD tuner for watching uncompressed 1080p HD over the air

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eliminates the need for a DTV converter box

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affordable price

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1080p upconversion through HDMI

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VCR for playing or upgrading from older VHS tapes

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unit will not setup , tried with two units help was unplug or return unit

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TV tuner turns on while unit is shutting down - volume mis-match makes for an unpleasant surprise

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HDMI output resolution does not stay set when the unit is turned off

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hybrid tuner is of mediocre quality, not fully 8vsb capable

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 The JVC DR-MV150B is a DVD/VCR recorder announced by JVC on January 9th of 2009. It has a built-in ATSC tuner which makes it easy to record high definition TV programs without needing to use cables or other devices scheduling programs to get the desired results. The JVC DR-MV150B includes component and S-Video outputs, composite outputs and inputs, and coaxial and optical outputs. It has VHS-to-DVD dubbing and has an 1080p upconversion through HDMI for both the VHS and the DVD content, meaning you can convert your non HDMI shows to a better quality. It has a front DV panel input to connect a camcorder and transfer the information to DVD or VHS. The JVC DR-MV150B is more expensive than its fellow recorder, the DR-MV80B.



  • VHS-to-DVD dubbing
  • 1080p upconversion through HDMI
  • Component and S-Video outputs
  • Composite outputs and inputs
  • Coaxial and optical outputs
  • Front DV panel input
  • Built in ATSC Tuner
  • Compatible with: R/RW, +R/RW, and DVD-RAM
  • Can Read: JPEG, MP3 and WMA
  • Dolby Digital and DTS HD decoding
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02/03/2011 02:22

is ther a manual i could copy

02/03/2011 02:20

i set up my jvc150dvd weould like to set up my home page

03/29/2010 11:07

Easy to set up. Essentially same as old VCR style record/play/setup/TV connect. Picture quality excellent. Recorded quality of digital TV program on DVD is excellent. Treat it as you would a good CD player or a computer that needs a little more time than simple recording tape (like a VHS tape), and you'll understand how to use this. I like it very much. Using HDMI cable the setup is simple, sound and picture excellent. (6-foot cord from Monoprice, in any color you like, is just $4 -- exactly same as $50 cable from store, no matter what the sales people say - DO NOT spend more than $10 on an HDMI cable!!!) Getting second unit for my kid. This is a good unit and JVC stands behind it. I have only good things to say about it.

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