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The JVC TeleDock Series of LCD televisions has a new 2009 line and is the first to integrate an iPod dock into the design.

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digital noise/artifact filter

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dynamic backlight

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integrated iPod dock

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The JVC TeleDock Series of LCD televisions has a new 2009 line and is the first to integrate an iPod dock into the design. Every member of the line includes a flip-down iPod dock located at the base of the television, creating a direct link for the iPod to playback through the set. Video, sound, and photos can all be accessed for viewing or listening through the TV's sound and visual system and the docked iPod can be controlled using the TV's particular remote. The remote is designed with a circular keypad that mimics the iPod's normal control screen, making an easy transition for the user. This second generation TeleDock line improves on the first TeleDock line by displaying an iPod like menu on the screen, supporting music search, and allowing low resolution files to be played in a smaller size.

  • full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Output: 1080 24p/30p
  • Universal Remote
  • Oblique Cone Speakers
  • 10 watts per channel
  • Dynamic backlight
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI, 2 component, 2 S-video, PC (D-sub), and analog video output
Common to all 2009 JVC TeleDock's

Universal remote - the included universal remote has direct input access and ATSC/QAM tuning. It also includes a side-mounted USB photo viewer and is designed so that it mimics the iPod's control scheme with a circular keyboard design.

Display - the second generation TeleDock's have a menu that is designed to be similiar to the iPod's, making it easy for the user to get the hang of the new system and use their iPod in sync with it. Low resolution video can be shown in a small screen mode while higher resolution video can be shown using nine aspect modes in full screen.

iPod enhancements - while music is playing, the song title, artist, album and genre are displayed on the screen. When a PC is connected to the TV, iTunes can be displayed on the screen and synced with the docked iPod. Also when the PC is connected the TV will power up when the PC is turned on. The TV can be used to watch regular programming while playing music off the iPod and the sound can be swapped between them at will. Also while iPod music is playing photos that are stored ont he iPod can be viewed.

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