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The JVC JLC42BC3000 is a mid-range to high-end 42" LCD HDTV similar to the 37" JVC JLC37BC3000.

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Very energy efficient--uses less than 1W when in standby.

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Above-average sound quality from the built-in speakers--decently loud, solid balance.

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Direct video, music and image playback via USB--many models only offer jpeg viewing.

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Competitive pricing for a 42" 120Hz LCD.

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Solid display quality--decent blacks for an LCD, accurate colours.

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Easy setup process--on-screen prompts guide you throughout.

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5ms response time and 120Hz refresh rate offer super-smooth gaming.

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Ambient light sensor can be a little overactive, make images too dim.

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The JVC JLC42BC3000 is a mid-range to high-end 42" LCD HDTV similar to the 37" JVC JLC37BC3000. Aside from size, the only differences between the two models are: the number of HDMI ports (the JLC42BC3000 sports 4, as compared to 2), USB media playback format support (the JLC42BC3000 supports video, music and images as opposed to only image viewing) and refresh rate (the JLC42BC3000 sports a 120z refresh rate rather than the standard 60Hz). Otherwise, the two HDTVs sport the same basic features, including an ambient light sensor and CrystalColor technology.

The JLC42BC3000's 120Hz refresh rate allows it to provide a smoother, clearer picture tat is most noticeable with fast-moving media such as video games and sports. Its ambient light sensor allows the JLC42BC3000 to reduce energy consumption as it lowers the screen's brightness as the in-room light levels drop. Meanwhile, the JLC42BC3000's CrystalColor technology enhances colour quality for a more vivid, life-like picture.


  • 42" LCD 1080p panel
  • Energy Star 5.3 certification
  • CrystalColor image enhancement
  • XinemaSound audio enhancement
  • Ambient light sensor
  • 5ms pixel response time
  • Dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1
  • 178-degree viewing angles
  • Direct USB media playback
Post Review
09/15/2011 01:38

Can the ambient light system be turned off?



12/04/2011 12:33

Yes it can. I downloaded the manual and it says that the ambient light sensor can be set to off/low/med/high

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