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The JVC DLA-RS1 is a 1080p LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicone) projector.

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Very natural color (skin looks very lifelike)

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Quality issues with 480i and 1080i sources

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The JVC DLA-RS1 is a 1080p LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicone) projector that is near the top of its class in regards to picture quality for the price. Contrast ratio, color reproduction, and sharpness compare favorably with devices that cost substantially more. At $6,000 the RS1 is still at the high end for most consumers, especially with modern 1080p projectors are retailing at less than $3,000, however JVC attempts to justify the higher price through better components and performance.

  • JVC's proprietary LCoS technology drives a native 1080p display
  • 15000:1 contrast ratio, without the use of a mechanical iris
  • 200 Watt bulb with a 2000 hour lamp life, and 700 lumens of brightness
  • 2.0x zoom, 80% vertical lens shift, 35% horizontal
  • Gennum VXP Image processor
  • 25dB fan
  • Inputs: HDMI x 2, Component x 1, Composite x 1

Liquid Crystal on Silicone is a variant of LCD technology with JVC's own variant called D-ILA. One of the benefits to JVC's technology is that their panels eliminate what is known as the "screen door effect" that reduces the image quality of LCD based technology. It must be noted that many modern projectors, even LCD based, incorporate technology that minimizes this pixel noise.

The low rated brightness doesn't compare well with other projectors, at least on paper. Real world results show that the projector's light output is comparable, and even exceeds many devices in this class. Even when the brightness is reduced by using the maximum zoom and maximum shifting, professional reviewers find no problems with the brightness. On high or low bulb settings the battery life is rated at 2000 hours, with replacement bulbs coming in at $379. The lamp is accessible from a panel on the side meaning you can replace the bulb without having to unmount the projector from its installed placement.

With a 2x zoom, and its manual shifting the placement of the RS1 should accommodate many different room configurations. 2x zoom means a 100" picture can be achieved by placing the device anywhere between 10' and 20' away from the screen. The lens' neutral position sees the middle of the projected image in line with the lens' center, from this position a picture of 100 inches can be adjusted 80 inches higher or lower, and 35 inches left and right. The front air intake for cooling means the RS1 can be placed on a real shelf, though the rear inputs require extra space for installation.

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