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JVC's KW-NT30HD is a high-end automobile navigation system that also includes a built-in HD radio tuner.

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GPS allows destination to be selected by entering its phone number, don't even need the address

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HD radio comes in loud and clear, and can tag songs you like for later iTunes purchase

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POIs are useful and up to date, can easily call ahead to anything that shows up

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bluetooth connects right away, barely any delay

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Bluetooth phone conversations have loudness/muting controls, lots of handy advanced functions

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indexes MP3 files very quickly by artist and title

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GPS navigation is easy to work with, allows for a quick switch between 3D, 2D and normal GPS modes

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Map is very out of date and JVC is not offering any updates for this product. Makes the GPS function useless over time.

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10-20 second delay on startup, annoying if you're in a big hurry and need directions

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 JVC's KW-NT30HD is a high-end automobile navigation system that also includes a built-in HD radio tuner. The radio is a main feature, as is connectivity with iPod or iPhone products in order to play music and video, as well as see detailed album art or song information. The map base is powered by Google Maps, and the unit uses Windows Automotive OS, and there is also Bluetooth connectivity allowing hands-free phone use through the car's main speakers. The radio feature can tag songs for downloading in iTunes. There are many navigation features, including text-to-speech and voice guidance in English, French and Spanish, points of interest, visited destinations, speed limit and speed alert displays. The display itself is a relatively large touchscreen (6.1"), and features a removable faceplate to discourage theft. This model's counterpart is the KW-NT50HD, whose main difference is a lifetime subscription to a traffic service that functions even outside HD reception areas.

  • 6.1" touchscreen VGA display
  • Windows Automobile OS
  • Google Maps mapbase
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Text-to-speech guidance
  • Radio song tagging
  • HD radio receiver
  • iPod and iPhone playback
  • Included iPhone app turns phone into system control
  • Detachable faceplate
  • Multiple navigation features: Points of interest, magnified view, lane guide, speed guide, and more
  • CD/DVD drive
  • USB port
  • Aux in
  • SD slot
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