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The JVC KW-NT1 is an in-dash GPS-receiver powered by an advanced Intelligent Navigation system with text-to-speech.

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Detachable faceplate minimizes likelihood of theft and related vehicle damage

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Voice lane guidance removes guesswork from highway and street driving

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iPhone integration is quick and seamless - loads music and video selections in seconds

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Comprehensive map views with both 2D and 3D data include customizable Points Of Interest

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Brightness level self-adjusts with vehicle headlights to minimize physical interaction and conserve energy

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Cellular contact transfer is not compatible with Apple iPhones

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USB slot is awkwardly placed - cord connection may block out a portion of the unit's display

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Video playback may be severely inhibited by sunlight when driving during the day

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Lack of volume knob leads to user fiddling with source player - can be dangerous while operating a vehicle

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The JVC KW-NT1 is an in-dash GPS-receiver powered by an advanced Intelligent Navigation system with text-to-speech that provides a user-friendly interface with magnified viewing, on-screen lane guidance, and a speed limit display. The first of three JVC KW-N GPS receivers, the JVC KW-NT1 also features built-in Bluetooth wireless technology that allows for stress-free driving and includes flexible setup options with a high-quality external wired microphone.

In addition, the KW-NT1 boasts a front-mounted full-speed USB 2.0 and AV-input connections that allow the user to connect their iPod/iPhone(s) and other audio/video devices directly into the receiver. While connected, the receiver offers 2-way control for iPod/iPhone units so that the user can control music selections from either the receiver’s touch panel or the iPod/iPhone itself. The KW-NT1 also includes an SD card slot for MP3 audio playback, a 6.1" display with a detachable faceplate, an adaptive volume control, a built-in MOS-FET amplifier with a 200w max power output, a rear view camera input, a J-BUS terminal, gold-plated input/output terminals, 6 million points of interest (searchable by name, vicinity, phone #, address, zipcode, coordinates), 3D map viewing, and comprehensive map coverage of the following areas: United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. The JVC KW-NT1 retails for $1,099.05 and comes with a 1 year limited warranty. Additional service plans are available for a fee.

  • 6.1" Display w/Detachable Faceplate
  • Intelligent Navigation System
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Magnified Viewing
  • On-Screen Lane Guidance
  • Speed Limit Display
  • Built-In Bluetooth Wirelss Technology
  • High-Quality External Wired Microphone
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • AV-Input Connections
  • iPod/iPhone 2-Way Control
  • SD Card Slot
  • Adaptive Volume Control
  • MOSFET Amplifier w/200w Output
  • Rear View Camera Input
  • J-BUS Terminal
  • Gold-Plated Input/Output Terminals
  • 6 Million Points of Interest
  • 3D Map Viewing
  • Comprehensive Map Coverage
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
Available Service Plans
  • 2 years – $24.99
  • 3 years – $34.99
  • 5 years – $59.99
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Ty Hero
09/04/2009 12:54

excellent product except for a few things.

1) I cannot figure out how to import my contacts from my htc dream phone.

2) Even after buying the $80 av/usb ipod cord, I cannot play movies from my ipod touch on the screen.

3) The bluetooth takes 15 secs to answer after pushing the answer call button.

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