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The JVC UX-GP5 is nearly identical to its less expensive cousin, the JVC UX-G28.

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Mp3 CD support is a major selling point - enables hours of music playback from a single disc, comparable to playlist or shuffle modes on an Mp3 player

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CD drive is very quiet - excellent option for users who enjoy playing quiet, ambient music throughout the evening

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Bundled speakers can be easily replaced - ideal for upgrading sound quality or fixing broken components without needing full replacement

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Intriguing, feature-rich design - daily timers, dim levels and auto-standby modes set the unit apart from stripped-down competitors

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Excellent unit longevity - many users report years of consistent daily use with little to no malfunction

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Stock speakers drastically reduce sound quality - many users will want to replace these with higher-quality components

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Overall sound outputting is fairly thin/unfocused - boomy bass levels and flat high-end result in a total loss of clarity

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 The  JVC UX-GP5 is nearly identical to its less expensive cousin, the JVC UX-G28.  One difference it does have is a "Flip Dock" for the iPod, preset timers, the JVC "Sound Turbo", more power, surround mode, and a digital tuner.  These enhancements make the JVC UX-GP5 a more versitle device, perfect for someone with a low budget and an iPod, who is willing to spend a little extra to get a compact system with a bit more flexibility.  This is a good option for the spend thrift who still want more than the basics and has an iPod along for the ride.

  • Total Power: 70W
  • MP3/WMA CD-R/RW (with tags)
  • 3-Preset Timer and Clock
  • Digital Tuner
  • 3-15/16" Speakers
  • Surround Mode
  • Front Audio Input
  • iPod "Flip Dock"
  • Sound Turbo
  • 1-bit D/A converter
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