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The JVC RV-NB52 is a CD radio boom box that is designed to be both portable and work well as a shelf unit.

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bass plays clearly without distortion, can hear the sound as it is intended

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disc player handles bumps and can read almost any scratched disk you put in it

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twist auto-lock door on the iPod dock keeps the iPod safe from being knocked out while the box is being carried

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sound is clear at low to mid level volumes, details are clear

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included strap is too small, just a basic handle

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box is too big to lug around casually, not something to be carried for fun

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can't achieve extreme volume, can only get moderately loud

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The JVC RV-NB52 is a CD radio boom box that is designed to be both portable and work well as a shelf unit. The design and features are identical to the JVC RV-NB50 Kaboom, but in this case the finish is completely in black. The speaker design supports plenty of bass power, with twin 5-1/8 inch Super Woofers on either side and level controls to boost the bass to the desired point. The rest of the audio is handled by front-facing 3-3/16 inch full-range speakers. A dock for the iPod has an auto lock door to shield the interior, and digital MP3 and WMA content can also be played from the USB port or a CD-R/RW. When in portable mode the unit can work on battery power and has a flexible shoulder strap. Alternatively it can be plugged in and work as a shelf unit with a full-function remote control.

  • 40W Total Power
  • Dock for iPod with Twist Auto Lock Door
  • Plays CD, CD-R/RW, MP3/WMA (CD-R/RW, USB)
  • FM Digital Tuner with 30 Presets
  • 3-3/16 in (8cm) Full-Range Speakers
  • Back-Illuminated LCD (Blue)
  • 1-bit D/A Converter
  • USB Host
  • Twin 5-1/8 in (13cm) Super Woofers with Level Controls
  • 4-Amp Configuration
  • 4 Preset Sound Modes
  • Program (30 Tracks)/Random/Repeat Play
  • Full-Function Remote Control
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Headphone Jack on Back
  • Works with Batteries
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