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The JVC NX-PN7 iPod and iPhone Audio system is a "Dual Play" system.

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Video output connectivity is excellent - very easy to configure with strong, consistent signal strength

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Ideal for users with multiple iDevices - iPod/iPhone units can charged simultaneously while streaming audio and video content

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Many primary functions are accessible strictly via remote control - unit is rendered virtually unusable if lost or without batteries

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Turning off display backlighting ceases iDevice charging - renders the unit virtually useless as an alarm clock/sleep timer

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Front-mounted hard buttons are of fairly low quality - cheap, "sealed" design provides minimal tactility and often won't register commands

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Not ideal for use as a clock radio - lacks an all-important snooze button and is very difficult to program as a wake-up timer

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Colored LEDs are seemingly pointless - lack beat response and general functionality of "organ lights" as seen on similar units

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Single-line monochrome LCD display is not conducive to the complex nature of the unit - hierarchal menu system is difficult to navigate and ultimately frustrating

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 The JVC NX-PN7 iPod and iPhone Audio system is a "Dual Play" system. That means it can play and charge two iPods -- a perfect feature for someone with both an iPhone and an iPod or for a household with more than one music lover.  It also includes video output which means it can act as a go between for the iPod video and a larger screen.  The speakers, though described as full range, do not include subwoofers and are not going to be good as a more expensive audio system.

  • iPhone 3G compatible
  • Video Output
  • AM/FM
  • Two iPod chargers
  • 3-Program Clock/Timer
  • Remote Control
  • Tuner, Audio Input
  • Total Power: 15 watts
  • Sound Turbo option
  • Multi-color LED
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