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The MX-GT80 is a boom-box-style speaker system from the JVC company.

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plenty of punchy bass support, ideal for hip-hop music

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handy audio presets for shaping the tone of the audio quickly

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good support for vocals, can clearly hear every word

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so much bass support it can actually break glass and can easily disturb neighbors, need to be careful

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clock loses time very quickly, ends up a few more minutes off every week

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CD player isn't the most durable thing, tends to get wobbly within the first year and can damage the disc

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no way to turn the bass down, it's ALWAYS big and booming

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can't adjust the EQ beyond the basic presets

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The MX-GT80 is a boom-box-style speaker system from the JVC company. Featuring a total power handling of 350 watts RMS, this model comprises two 120-watt subwoofers and two 55-watt main speakers for clear, balanced sound outputting. Capable of storing and exchanging between three compacts discs simultaneously, the unit offers a number of different "Live Surround" sound processing modes for the best possible playback of various genres of music. JVC's own Extended Super Bass technology helps to provide considerable low-end support, with three pre-configured EQ settings available in addition to three that the user can set themselves. Independent control of the subwoofer components provides further control of frequency balance, all configurable via the included remote control with on-screen referencing through a large asymmetrical display. The MX-GT80 also features full radio tuning with memory locations for 15 AM and 30 FM stations respectively, as well as a Dual Auto Reverse cassette deck for high-quality playback of analog tapes. Furthermore, the inclusion of an auxiliary input jack enable users to connect Mp3 players, smartphones and tablet devices to the system via 1/8" stereo mini jack for additional playback capabilities. 

  • Matte silver aesthetic with black grilles 
  • 350 watts total power handling 
  • 3-CD play, program and exchange support 
  • Extended Super Bass technology 
  • 3 preset, 3 manual EQ settings 
  • Live Surround sound settings 
  • Auxiliary input 
  • Independent subwoofer volume control 
  • Dual Auto Reverse cassette deck 
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