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The HX-D77 is a large stereo system from JVC, aimed at consumers that want the ultimate system.

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good bass

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Good sound quality

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features support for DVD

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affordable compared to competing products

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cuts out the unnecessary and dated cassette format

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takes monstrous and gaudy to a new level

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Unreliable - most models of this line have issues with CD jamming within the first year.

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If only this had HDMI and Component support... then it would be the ultimate

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The HX-D77 is a large stereo system from JVC, aimed at consumers that want the ultimate system to play their CDs, DVDs, and even computer media. Aesthetically however the HX-D77 appears targeted toward a younger audience, appealing to the 'monster truck' image of bigger and badder is better. Pumping out a total of 540W, the HXD77J features a 5-disc changer, a radio tuner, and a USB connection, allowing the unit to handle DVD-Video, digitally encoded music in MP3 and WMA format, and JPEG images as well as the almost forgotten standard medium of choice: the CD.

  • Rated power output: 540W, 180W x 2 subwoofer, 90 x 2 main
  • Supported media: DVD-Video, CD, MP3, WMA all via DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RE, CD-R/RW, MP3/WMA music CD/DVD, AM/FM radio
  • Input/Output: USB cable (for playing digital media), Video out
  • Dimensions & weight: Main system: 175 x 373 x 411, 12.8 pounds Speakers: 296 x 453 x 343mm, 16.6 pounds
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Ola Johnson
03/05/2016 12:54

I want to buy this product

12/26/2011 02:32

We bought this system when it first came on the market. For the price this things rocks. We do play CD's sometimes but not heavy, it has never jammed. DVD's play fine. This is fine in a 12x12 bedroom, rocks the joint down, The only thing we don't like is you can't hit the different sound modes on AUX which we have our samsung flat screen going through but with the power base it still sounds good. This is a great value buy for the power, you won't br dissapointed there!



01/06/2012 04:16

hi where did you order yours? do you know a website that still sell this system i had one but house got broken into n i love that system

10/10/2011 09:56

This and iTunes go together so well

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