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The JVC FS-SD550 is a mid-range to high-end micro shelf system with a motor-driven sliding CD drawer.

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remote control is easy to work with and responsive

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reads burned CDs readily, never have a problem

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audio is clean and reasonably well detailed

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capable of enough volume output to fill a small room and sound good in a medium sized room

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blue LCD and silver finish look impressive and sophisticated

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very small design, fits on a smaller shelf

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can't handle MP3 playback, everything needs to be standard CD

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bass range is under-represented, tends to get a bit muddy

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The JVC FS-SD550 is a mid-range to high-end micro shelf system with a motor-driven sliding CD drawer. It also features Metal Olefin oblique cone drivers, a blue LCD display with dimming, a fully functional remote control and an auxiliary input. Additionally, the FS-SD550 sports electronic bass and treble controls and Active Hyper-Bass PRO technology.

The FS-SD550's Metal Olefin oblique cone drivers features an asymmetrically mounted voice coil which decreases distortion due to interference while smoothing out speaker response. Its auxiliary input allows the FS-SD550 to playback audio from any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Meanwhile, the FS-SD550's Active Hyper-Bass PRO technology allows for instant bass enhancement at the press of a button for greater low-end performance.


  • Power: 19 watts x 2 channels
  • Metal Olefin cone
  • Active Hyper-Bass PRO
  • Electronic Bass and Treble Controls
  • AUX input and output
  • Subwoofer Output
  • Digital Tuner with Auto Preset
  • 30 FM and 15 AM Station Memory
  • Horizontal motor-driven sliding CD door
  • 1-bit D/A converter
  • Continuous, Random, and Repeat Play Modes
  • 32-track CD Programs
  • Clock/Timer (Daily,Sleep) with 20 minute back-up
  • Blue LCD display with dimmer
  • Full Function Remote Control
  • Optical Digital Output
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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