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The JVC DX-J21 is a shelf system created by the company JVC America.

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Dedicated woofer opens up low end response considerably - very beneficial for Hip Hop and dance music playback

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Auxiliary output provides quick integration of iPods and other Mp3 players - USB input offers direct streaming from laptop computers

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Multiple connectivity options are a major bonus - audio receiver outputting enables full home theater surround sound support

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Cassette playback is a great feature for older users - very few modern units continue to incorporate tape decks

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Overall sound quality is disappointing - middle and high ranges come across as muffled and flat while low end is harsh and noisy

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Feels somewhat overpriced for the feature set/ output quality - Yamaha and Sony offer much more powerful units in the same price range

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Control layout is confusing and seemingly unnecessary - multiple screen areas split up information pertaining to one input type

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 The JVC DX-J21 is a shelf system created by the company JVC America.  It is a 315W power compact component system with a 5-DVD changer, a USB host, subwoofer, and karaoke scoring.  For those who want a system they can throw a party with, the JVC DX-J21 has live surround and sound modes.  The karaoke functions are extensive -- along with the scoring the system allows 2 MIC inputs, MIC level control, Vocal Masking, Digital Echo and Digital Key control.  In terms of looks, the JVC DX-J21 has a sleek black exterior with brown speaker dishes that would go well with leather couches and a modern house decor.  

  • 315W Power
  • Double-Cassette Deck
  • 3-way speakers
  • Separate Subwoofer
  • 5-DVD changer
  • DVD-Video, DVD_RW/-R/+RW/+R, MP3/WMA/WAV/JPEG and MPEG-4 (ASF)
  • Karaoke functions
  • Rolling pickup play for bad disks
  • 3D-Phonic
  • Live surround
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01/15/2011 10:38

I have just bought a jvc dx-21 midsize 2.1 channel stero audio system with karaoke and I have over 300 karaoke discs but they will not would in this machine it plays the music but no words so on the tv screen could someone please tell me how to get the words to show on the tv screen.Thanks

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