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The UX-VJ5 is a docking speaker system from JVC capable of docking two Apple devices at the same time.

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Internal CD player

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USB port / Rip MP3's from CD to USB drive or play files from USB drive

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The UX-VJ5 is a docking speaker system from JVC capable of docking two Apple devices at the same time including iPad and either iPhone or iPod. The similar UX-VJ3 was announced for release in July of 2011 along with this model, which has the same standard features such as remote control, 2 X 15W speakers, AM / FM tuner, composite video output for watching video files on a tv and a mini-USB PC input. The UX-VJ5 adds a choice of six colors including white, black, pink, green, brown and purple, USB connection and built-in CD player which lies behind the iPad dock. With this you can not only listen to CD's but also rip MP3's directly to a USB thumb drive without the need for a computer. You can also play MP3/WMA files from the USB port as well. Headphone output and subwoofer output are included, as is an auxiliary audio input for hooking up any other audio devices you wish to use from old tape decks to newer CD and MP3 players. The sleek design features an ambient LED light underneath, and a built in clock comes standard with programmable sleep and wake up timer. Audio modes such as turbo sound, surround mode and different preset EQ settings can be chosen as well to enhance the sound and it can all be done using the remote control or neatly laid out front panel. The look is complete with retractable doors that reveal their respective docks underneath and of course the CD player. 

  • USB port
  • Internal CD player
  • Direct Dock for iPad
  • Hidden iPod/iPhone Dock
  • Down-lit LED Illuminated Base
  • Aux Audio Input
  • Mini-USB Input (PC Input)
  • Subwoofer Output
  • Video Output
  • 30W Total Power (15W + 15W)
  • Sound Modes (Rock/Pop/Classic/Flat/Jazz)
  • Surround Sound Mode
  • Sound Turbo
  • AM/FM Tuner
  • Rotating iPod Terminal
  • Clock
  • Sleep Timer
  • Wake Up Timer
  • Remote Control
  • Available in white, black, pink, green, brown and purple
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