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The JVC UX-VJ3 is an iPhone/iPod + iPad dual docking speaker system that can dock and charge two devices at once.

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Elegant LED bottom-lit base with retractable hidden docks

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iPhone dock can be adjusted so that the device can be docked in vertical or horizontal orientation

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A single docking system for your iPhone and iPad, convenient solution

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Available in white or black

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Has output for external displays (composite), meaning the dock can be connected to TVs

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Built-in radio tuner, and remote control, along with auxiliary audio input making this a versatile device that has tis uses beyond iDevices

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Speakers are of good quality for general music and video play back

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Off center iPad dock can be off putting for some

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Somewhat expensive for what is essentially a micro sound system with iDevice connections

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The JVC UX-VJ3 is an iPhone/iPod + iPad dual docking speaker system that can dock and charge two devices at once. It was announced in July 2011 by JVC along with the UX-VJ5 which also has a USB port, six color options and the ability to rip MP3 files directly to a USB key drive from the internal cd player(mounted directly behind the iPad). Both units feature an AM / FM tuner, remote control, composite video output and PC mini-USB input, while the two speakers are rated at 15W each. Other connections include a subwoofer output, an auxiliary audio input for hooking up audio devices such as CD players, MP3 players or even an old cassette deck, and a headphone output is included as well. Internal clock with programmable sleep and wake up timer has been provided, and different sound modes such as surround, turbo and preset EQ modes may be selected either from the front panel or by remote control. The system will be available in Japan mid July 2011 and in North America shortly after.

  • Direct Dock for iPad
  • Hidden iPod/iPhone Dock
  • Down-lit LED Illuminated Base
  • Aux Audio Input
  • Mini-USB Input (PC Input)
  • Subwoofer Output
  • Video Output
  • 30W Total Power (15W + 15W)
  • Sound Modes (Rock/Pop/Classic/Flat/Jazz)
  • Surround Sound Mode
  • Sound Turbo
  • AM/FM Tuner
  • Rotating iPod Terminal
  • Clock
  • Sleep Timer
  • Wake Up Timer
  • Remote Control
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