The TH-BA3 is one of two mid-range sound bar home theater systems offered by JVC in 2010.

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The TH-BA3 is one of two mid-range sound bar home theater systems offered by JVC in 2010. Like the TH-BS7, the TH-BA3 integrates four full-range speakers into a sound bar and comes with a separate, wireless subwoofer. The TH-BA3 also features two wireless rear speakers, however, enabling 5.1-channel output with a total power of 280 W. A flat amplifier is also separate from the sound bar, which decodes Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Pro Logic II signals. The system features two optical digital inputs in addition to an analog connection. The BS7 adds a third optical digital input and also features a significantly slimmer sound bar (1.4" tall). It is also more expensive, but with only a sound bar and subwoofer, supports only 4.1-channel output.

  • 5.1 channels
  • Sound bar
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Wireless rear speakers (x2)
  • Flat amplifier
  • 280W total output power
  • Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding
  • 8cm full-range speaker units (x4) in sound bar
  • 2 optical digital inputs
  • Remote control
Post Review
01/10/2011 09:24

I purchased this product in December 2010. We unpacked evereything and began installation. It's a psuedo wireless design where both rear surround spekers are hard wired to the wireless reciever (Rack or RX-THBA3). The Rack must be plugged into an outlet as well. Additionally, the Rack must be positioned to receive signals from the front sound bar(Center Unit or CA-THBA1). JVC added key-holes in the back panel of the Rack, with the engineered idea that it could be hung on a wall opposite where the front sound bar is located (basically opposite the flat screen and probably in-between the rear surround speakers). On the front of the Rack "JVC" is prominently displayed along with the words "Standby On" with a red indicator LED. This is where things go "Up-Side-Down". The key-hole placement and vertical direction require hanging the Rack up-side-down!! It seemed that either the product designer or assembly worker made a mistake. When I called JVC Tech Assist, they actually informed me that they could send me a sticker to place over the "JVC" in the right-side-up position. There's no fix for the Standby On and LED. I suggested they work on their cliam of wanting customers to have the "Perfect Experience" and send me a replacement Rack that was designed and assembled to hang right-side-up. It's been a few days and no action. This system is OK - not remarkable. The up-side-down thing tips it way down the scale. They should add to their FAQs:
Question - How do I hang the RX-THBA3 right-side-up?
Answer - Call for a sticker :(
Sorry JVC - 1-1/2 stars for creating this product and customer service situation. I will rethink other JVC purchases in the future.

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