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The HAFR50B is a pair of in-ear headphones from the JVC company.

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ear tips are comfortable in the ear canal, don't cause soreness

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last for a long time without showing signs of wear

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microphone is clear and sends your voice through to the other side without distortion

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block out ambient noise well when fitted correctly

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volume and action buttons work perfectly for playing music, do a good job with voice commands

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not compatible with all iPods/iPhones

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microphone can't handle any wind, gets noisy in a moderate breeze

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The HAFR50B is a pair of in-ear headphones from the JVC company. Available in three different color options for users of all types, this model incorporates ultra-soft "Marshmallow" earbuds for long-lasting comfort and advanced noise isolation. Powered by a .33" neodymium driver unit for optimal frequency balance, the headphones offer native support of all Apple iDevices and include a set of built-in remote controls as well as a microphone for hands-free calling. Users can answer and end calls, select, pause and play audio material, record voice notes and more, with a 1.2-meter cable providing more than enough slack for comfortable, spacious listening. Connectivity is made via a gold-plater 3.5-milimeter stereo plug, and two different sets of earbuds are provided for users with large and small ears alike. 

  • Available in Black, Pink and Blue color options  
  • Built-in remote control and microphone 
  • Specifically designed for use with Apple iDevices 
  • Ultra-comfortable "Marshmallow" fit 
  • Noise isolation technology 
  • Includes two different earpiece sizes 
  • 1.2-meter cable 
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug 
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