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JVC's HA-SX500 earphones are mid-range in-ear earbuds with a cushioned metallic headband for a more secure fit.

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midrange and treble are well represented, very clear

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avoids any kind of distortion in any range at any volume

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difficult to get them folded right to go back in the case

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bass range is usually inaudible when these are worn comfortably

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difficult to get them to sit comfortably, in-ear inserts are oddly shaped and don't rotate

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levels in all ranges are pretty low, need to turn the volume up on your player

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need to push them in your ears to the point where they're painful to get bass response

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JVC's HA-SX500 earphones are mid-range in-ear earbuds with a cushioned metallic headband for a more secure fit. Their 16mm neodymium driver unit provides high quality sound with a frequency range of 11-24,000Hz while their in-ear design delivers that sound directly into the ear canal, circumventing outside noise and minimizing sound leakage. Meanwhile, the HA-SX500s' Bi-METAL structure improves sound reproduction across the frequency range by storing the drive unit in a steel base that is wrapped in a high specific gravity brass ring which eliminates vibration and energy loss as well as reducing friction noise. The JVC HA-SX500s are also collapsible, iPhone compatible and come with a 0.7m extension cord and carrying case.

The HA-SX500s' 16mm neodymium driver unit is what allows for their 11-24,000Hz frequency response, resulting in low and resounding bass as well as clear high tones; their in-ear design and Bi-METAL construction help to strengthen this frequency response by providing isolation from outside sounds and reducing friction noise, respectively. Their collapsibility allows for improved portability as well as making them less susceptible to damage. Additionally, the HA-SX500s' included extension cord and carrying case help make the HA-SX500s more easily portable.

  • 16mm neodymium driver unit
  • Frequency response of 11-24,000Hz
  • Bi-METAL structure for improved sound reproduction
  • Included 0.7m extension cord and carrying case
  • Collapsible for improved portability
  • iPhone compatible plug
  • 3 sizes of ergonomic earpieces
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