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The JVC HA-S350 is a pair of entry level over the ears headphone.

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Good warranty support from JVC, fast response and good replacement/repair policy

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Foldable, compact design good for travelers

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Good, balanced sound quality for the price

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Light weight for their size as they are supra-mural headphones (sits on ear), smaller than the ones that goes over your ear

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Comfortable earpads and head band

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Don't believe in the "monitor" advertising, true studio monitors are 3 times the price with a far more accurate sound

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Subpar sound isolation, earpads do not provide good seal, you can hear outside noise, and people can hear your music

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The JVC HA-S350 is a pair of entry level over the ears headphone. It is designed to be portable, stylish, and comfortable with its three way foldable design and comfortable cushioned headband. The housing is twistable for comfort and is advertised to be good for one ear monitoring. Though at this price range it is unlikely the S350 are suitable for serious sound monitoring. The ear pads provide comfort for extended use as well as good sound isolation. The JVC HA-S350 is a good step up in terms of sound quality from JVC's budget offerings and is a good option for buyers who seek an affordable and comfortable set of headphones. 

Features / Specifications
  • 3-way foldable
  • Sleek piano black finish
  • Comfortable cushioned head band
  • Twistable housing for one ear monitoring
  • sensitivity:110dB/mW
  • nominal impedance:32 ohms
  • Frequency response:12-24,000Hz
  • Driver unit: 30mm
  • Cord length: 3.94ft
  • Maximum input capability:1000mW(IEC)
  • Weight 3.21 oz
  • Gold plated plug
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