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The JVC HA-S150 are a pair of compact, lightweight, and stylish headband-style closed-ear headphones.

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very light weight, can easily forget you're wearing them

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fold up flat for safe and compact storage, easy to transport

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bass range is fairly strong, can definitely hear the beats

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compact design, not overly bulky with big padding

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good clarity and richness to the audio, comparable with headphones 3x the price

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cancel out ambient noise fairly well

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cord is shorter than usual with no included extension

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bass gets a little distorted and muddy, especially at higher volumes

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The JVC HA-S150 are a pair of compact, lightweight, and stylish headband-style closed-ear headphones with a slim metallic headband and sleek, soft ear pads that rest on the ear. The fifth and last of five JVC HA headphones, the HA-S150 switches pace from its predecessors (Earbud: HA-F140, HA-F240 ; Canal-Style: HA-FX34, HA-NCX78) in that it offers an around-the-ear headband-style frame versus an earbud or canal-type silhouette. Designed to be easily portable, the HA-S150’s earpieces pivot so that the headphone can lie flat, making them ideal for listeners who desire a lightweight and easily storable headphone. In addition, the HA-S150 sports an ultra powerful 33mm Neodymium driver in each earpiece that allows the unit to deliver clear, crisp sound. Plus, the soft and closed ear pads further enhance sound quality by providing a seal against ambient noise. The HA-S150 also boasts a 3.94’ friction-noise reduction cord with an iPhone/iPod compatible gold-plated plug. The JVC HA-S150 retails for a relatively affordable $19.95 and comes with a 90 day limited warranty.

  • Compact, Lightweight
  • Flat, Foldable Design
  • 33mm Neodymium Driver
  • 3.94’ Friction-Noise Reduction Cord
  • iPhone/iPod Compatible Gold-Plated Plug
  • Available in White (Gumy), Silver (MarshMallow), Black, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Pink
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty
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