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The JVC HA-NC80 is a mid-grade noise-cancelling headphone set designed specifically for travel use by people of all ages.

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Audio specifications are comparable to more expensive competitors' models

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Good sound quality for this price range

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Not as heavy as some noise-cancellers

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Noise cancelling aspect and battery integrated into earcups rather than an external unit like some entry-level models

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One of the most affordable noise-cancelling models available

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Uncomfortable headband design is too rigid, places too much weight on top of skull

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The fact that they are not an around-ear design can physically limit noise-cancelling capacity

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Noise cancelling function does not perform as well as many competitors, only works well with low frequencies

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The JVC HA-NC80 is a mid-grade noise-cancelling headphone set designed specifically for travel use by people of all ages. JVC claims the HA-NC80 headphone set can produce up to 75% noise reduction of surrounding ambient noise when in active mode. For sound the HA-NC80 headphone set includes 30mm diameter drive units, and a Circum-Aural, Closed-Ear earpad and headband design in order to eliminate additional ambient noise. The HA-NC80 headphone set can be packed quickly for on the go use with its flat-folding compact body size and included fabric carrying pouch and dual plug adapter. The headphone set has two active noise cancellation modes, "wide" and "low". "Wide" mode will target wider frequency ranges and cancels noise typically found in a commercial jet cabin, while "low" mode targets lower frequency ranges often found on trains and buses. The HA-NC80 model headphone set boasts 50 hours of noise cancellation playback time on a standard 1.5 volt AAA size battery, and comes bundled with one. The HA-NC80 headphone set includes additonal features such as a 4.9 foot cord that is designed to eliminate tangling and provide longer range, rare Neodymium earth magnets, a gold plated mini stereo plug for maximum conductivity, and a total weight of 5.82 oz. 

Key Specs
  • Circum-Aural, Closed-ear earpad and headband shape
  • 75% noise reduction when in active noise cancellation mode
  • "Wide" and "low" noise cancellation modes
  • Compact, flat-folding body design
  • Includes carrying pouch and dual plug adapter
  • 50 hours battery life with standard 1.5 volt AAA battery
  • 4.9 foot cord for longer range support
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-22,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 103dB/mW when noise cancellation is on, 105dB/mW when noise cancellation is off
  • Driver Unit Size: 30mm
  • Magnet: Neodymium
  • Weight: 5.82 oz
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