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JVC's HA-M5X headphones are a mid-range set and fall at the top of the "Xtreme Xplosive" (or XX) lineup.

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Solid construction and materials, durable plastics and good quality cable

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Good sound quality (overall) compared to similar options, headphones that are designed and tuned to appeal to the masses (aesthetically and sonically)

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Comfortable earpads, thick, provides good isolation

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Great for bass lovers, powerful, and a lot of bass

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Wide sound stage and good sound separation, enables listeners to hear the details

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Very good price for headphones of comparable quality to some much higher priced models.

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Can get uncomfortable after long hours, high clamming pressure

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Over the top design, maybe a turn off for some

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Over powering bass, reduces treble, and mid range quality

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 JVC's HA-M5X headphones are a mid-range set and fall at the top of the "Xtreme Xplosive" (or XX) lineup. They are physically the largest model, and the earcups go fully around the ear. The earcups themselves provide ambient noise isolation, and there are soft pads around the edges to enhance comfort over long periods of listening. The underside of the headband also has padding and a camouflage design. The cups are protected against impact with rubber, and the earcups have bass ports to enhance lower frequencies. The cable of this model is Y-shaped, and the jack is gold-plated. The drivers are 50mm, and protected with noedymium magnets.

  • Padded earcups
  • Padded camouflage headband
  • Rubber protectors (for impact)
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm jack
  • 50mm drivers with neodymium magnet
  • Around-the-ear design
  • Ambient noise isolation
  • Bass ports
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