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HD on an HDD. In non-acronym terms that's high-definition on a hard drive disk is what the JVC Everio GZ-HD7. This Everio by JVC contains a 60GB hard drive for storing recorded video eliminating the need for removable tapes. At the camcorder's highest quality setting of 1920x1080i recording, the hard drive can capture up to five hours of footage.

JVC is targeting this camera towards the more serious amateur film-maker who is on a budget. The result is an affordable camera ($1500 is among the least expensive in the class) with respectable specifications such as 3 CCD color sensors and a 10x optical zoom.

Affordability isn't the only headline that JVC is going for, as portability is the second key focus for the HD7. The camera is actually small enough to fit in one hand. For usability JVC has included a focus assist button, alongside a focus on the lens itself. JVC has included an image stabilization system to compensate for the shaky-cam effect that occurs at high zooms, though some reviews claim that the results leave much to be desired. A note that JVC is claiming about the lens is that its a Fujinon branded lens which are normally used for professional grade cameras, and "for the first time" being offered in a consumer level camcorder.

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