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The JVC GY-HM100U is a compact digital camcorder.

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file creation ready for Final Cut Pro without conversion

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easy to move files from camera to computer

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built-in microphone is adequate for most general uses

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high-definition recording is consistently clear and detailed

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wide variety of manual functions for different effects

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doesn't handle low-light conditions at all, gets very grainy

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battery tends to run out quickly, need to invest in extras

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The JVC GY-HM100U is a compact digital camcorder. This is a simplified version of the JVC GY-HM700U, with the goal of creating professional-grade recordings with an easy enough system for the average reporter or producer. Recording data rates can go up to 35Mbps, and can be recorded directly to MOV or MP4 file formats for easier handling in non-linear editing suites. The files themselves are stored on SDHC memory cards. High definition recording formats supported go up to 1080p, or 1080i for broadcast. Light gathering is handled through a Fujinon HD lens that has a number of auto modes or can be used manually. Audio is recorded uncompressed on 2 channels, and level controls can be set manually with the help of a built-in audio meter. In addition to the built-in directional microphone, XLR inputs that provide phantom power are also available.

  • Professional format recording with selectable data rates up to 35Mbps
  • Native .MOV, .MP4 formats
  • Can edit immediately on Final Cut Pro or Premiere without conversion or transcoding
  • Compatible with most professional non-linear editing systems
  • Records to dual SDHC memory cards (no moving parts in recording system)
  • Full HD recording (selectable)
  • 1920 x 1080 (1080p24/25/30, 1080i)
  • 1280 x 720P (p60/50/30/25/24)
  • Fujinon HD lens with manual or auto modes
  • Extensive image customization modes (gamma, matrix, knee, detail, etc.)
  • Uncompressed LPCM audio (2ch) recording
  • Manual level controls with audio meter
  • XLR inputs with phantom power
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