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The JVC GZ-MS750 is a mid-range standard definition camcorder in the Everio product line.

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compact design fits easily in a purse

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image stabilization makes it perfect for handheld recording, everything looks pretty steady

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records a fairly sharp picture in DVD quality

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capable of extreme zoom, great for sporting events trying to capture far-off plays

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software makes it easy to put recordings on a DVD in a format any player can play back

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takes a few minutes to get used to the controls, just slightly complicated at first

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records in proprietary .MOD format, difficult to find compatible software for it

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zoom button is placed slightly awkwardly, hard to reach

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doesn't record in HD, limited to DVD quality

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The JVC GZ-MS750 is a mid-range standard definition camcorder in the Everio product line. The camcorder does not have the same quality or number of features in the 2010 line-up from JVC, but it does offer a complete package for users looking for a basic, functional camcorder with the most important, core features still included. An 80GB internal hard drive is used for the majority of the camcorder's storage space, although it can be upgraded with the use of an SD/SDHC memory card slot. Additionally, the camcorder has a 45x dynamic zoom--which is extensive for its price range--for closeups and landscape shots, and features an image stabilizer for smoother video capture. The camcorder can also upload directly to Youtube with the push of one button and a USB cable connection.

Specifications and Features
  • dimensions: TBA
  • battery life: TBA
  • weight: TBA
  • 80GB internal hard drive
  • SD/SDHC memory card slot
  • 45x dynamic zoom
  • Advanced Image Stabilizer
  • time-lapse functionality
  • 2-way grip strap
  • one touch upload directly to Youtube
  • laser touch operation
  • warranty: TBA
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