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JVC's Everio GZ-HM860 is a high-end HD camcorder scheduled for release in February 2011.

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Shoots high quality stills as well as video

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With bluetooth, users can instantly transfer files to a smartphone or laptop

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Touch screen menus are easy to use

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Fast turn on time, opening the display instantly turns the cam recorder on

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Cheap plastic built

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Video light is weak, not very effective

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Fiddly zoom controls, unintuitive

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Over saturates warmer colours

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 JVC's Everio GZ-HM860 is a high-end HD camcorder scheduled for release in February 2011. At its core this model strongly resembles the pricier GZ-HM960, and indeed many of the features are the same. The only real differences are that this one lacks the 2D-to-3D converter and 3D LCD display. Otherwise, they are similar: 1080p HD video recording, included HDMI cable, specialized optics for use with this particular high-res sensor (10.1 MP). Onboard memory is 16GB and the lens has a large aperture for better performance in low-light. Optical zoom telescopes to 10x, and still images can be taken at 11 megapixel resolutions. Other main features include Bluetooth connectivity for transfer among wireless devices, smile detection and intelligent auto shooting mode, an integrated image stabilizer and LED flash/camera light. While it does lack the 3D features and touchscreen, the GZ-HM860 is the most feature-rich non-3D camcorder from JVC, and its price is $200 lower than the 3D version.


  • 10x optical zoom
  • 10.1 megapixel sensor
  • F1.2 , 29.5mm wide-angle JVC GT lens
  • 3.5" LCD display
  • 1080p HD recording
  • 24 Mbps recording
  • 16GB internal flash memory
  • LED light and flash
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Media browser software
  • Includes HDMI cable
  • Auto shooting mode
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