The GR-DVM90 Digital DualCam offers the best of both worlds high resolution DV moving images.

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The GR-DVM90 Digital DualCam offers the best of both worlds high resolution DV moving images, and excellent quality digital stills on memory card plus valuable extras like downloadable digital sound effects, built-in Auto Flash with red-eye reduction, and a pocket-sized, featherweight package.Built for versatility, the pocket-sized camcorder is equipped with removable MultiMedia card for digital still shooting and a DV in/out terminal (i.LINK: 1394IEEE compliant) is provided for fast, lossless DV signal transfer to a computer, as well as for dubbing to and from another DV unit in native DV. There's also a serial terminal for direct connection to PCs with serial ports (RS-232C) enabling shooters to take advantage of computer-controlled still image capture and linear video editing functions.

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10/25/2007 09:30

I am watching the same problem in my JVC GR-DVM90.Actually the problem is that previously it was saying the same problem like reattach the battery and E04 kind error.
But now from few days when I open my Cover to enter an Mini Dv or a head cleaner in it it open as normal but when i put the cassatte in it , it did not go in , and when when i remove the cassatte in it and press the side it normally goes back, can you please thell me the solution to set my device, actually there is no JVC service center in my country.

Can you tell me that where is this drum situated and can you eloborate the procedure to dip in alcohal and make it clear and if it is easy to send me the procedure in mov or clips or snapshots.

And if all abouve is not possible you can gv me the addresses( URL ) to where you get the informations. Pleasee


User of JVC GR-DVM90 ( Mini DV type )

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