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Features powerful 14-megapixel sensor that reads every detail contained in your 35mm, 110, 126, and Super 8 slides and negatives

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This scanner sports a powerful 14-megapixel sensor that reads every detail contained in your 35mm, 110, 126, and Super 8 slides and negatives. You can choose between the standard 14-megapixels scan, or enable the built-in software interpolation, which applies some image magic and ups the quality to an astonishing 22MP. 

All you need to convert your images is included in the box - advanced technology leave no need for a computer connection to operate this scanner. It scans and converts images on its own, making it a very portable, accessible solution. It also includes speed-load adapters that make scanning easy and straightforward. Simply push them into the device, and you can feed in slides or negatives one after the after without needing to remove and reload the adapters. Press the "Scan" button when ready. Snap! The Jumbl image digitizer scans and converts your old memories into sharp, vibrant digital images in JPEG format. Images are saved to the internal memory or an optional SD card. These can then be viewed on your computer or other device, or printed out as regular photos. 

Once scanning is complete, the built-in 2.4-inch color LCD screen will display your image. A clever piece of software allows you to flip & mirror the scanned image around by pressing a few buttons. This helps compensate for user error during scanning, and also adds some flexibility with image conversion. In addition, you can also adjust scanning resolution, brightness and coloration in the easy-to-navigate Capture menu. 

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  • Scans & Digitizes 35mm Slides & Negatives, 110, 126 KPK, and Super 8 Slides & Negative
  • Included Speed Loaders Means No Reload for Each Slide/Negative
  • Built-In Software Interpolation Can Improve Quality to 22 Megapixels
  • No Computer Required; Saves to Internal Memory or Optional Memory Card
  • Video Out for TV Connection (Cable Included); Mac & PC Compatible
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What's Included

  • Scanner 
  • Negative Adapter 
  • Slide Adapter 
  • 110 Insert 
  • Super8 Insert 
  • USB Cable 
  • Power Adapter 
  • TV Cable 
  • Cleaning Brush 
  • Manual
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you put in a color or a b&w negative does it display on the screen as a negative or a positive?

    You select the media type from the main menu. The screen will show the picture as it will be saved to jpeg. Prior to saving, you can adjust exposure and color. So both slides and negatives will appear on screen as a positive image.

  • How much time per slide to scan? How does the "speed loader" work?

    It only takes a second to scan the slide. The speed loader is not very speedy, however. It's holds three slides, and is basically a frame that you insert one slide to push the one you just scanned out the other end. Sometimes the slides don't push easily through the frame though, so you have to take the loader out and remove the slides and load them up again.

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