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The John Deere JS45 is the top-model walk behind, self driven lawnmower of those offered by John Deere.

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front wheels on casters - easy to maneuver

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side-discharge, mulching or bagging

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height adjustment from 1.25" to 4"

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2-year warranty

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easy to maneuver - wheels on casters

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crankshaft bends EASILY and is NOT covered by warranty

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caster wheels make for an odd aesthetic

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height adjustment is per individual wheel

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wheel adjustments are difficult, need better design

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The John Deere JS45 is the top-model walk behind, self driven lawnmower of those offered by John Deere. It is powered by a 4 cycle 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine that has 8.75 lb-ft of gross torque.  The Fresh Start fuel tank cap contains fuel stabilizer that drips into the tank to ensure fresh fuel and quick starts at all times and overhead valve design gives more efficient engine operation. The MowMentum Drive System gives you infinite speed adjustments from 0 to 3.6 mph by pivoting the handle control. The 3-in-1 blade provies outstanding cutting performance and is designed to be used with any of the three grass-clipping handling options; side-discharge, mulching or bagging. Unlike other the other mowers in this line, the JS45 has lockable front caster wheels to give this mower a zero-turning-radius. Also unique to this model is individual wheel height adjustements from 1.25" to 4".

It has built in safety features like the zone-start system which requires that the engine be started from behind the handle bar, and the blade is designed to stop when the control handle is released. The wheels themselves are made of high-impact plastic with a molded rubber tread for superior traction and long life. The handlebar has conveniently located controls for easy operation, and can be easily adjusted or folded down for compact storage or transport.

Engine Specifications 
  • Manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton 
  • Power: 8.75 lb-ft gross torque per SAE J1940 
  • Displacement: 11.6 cu in. (190 cc) 
  • Type: 4 cycle, OHV 
  • Throttle control: Fixed speed 
  • Electric start: No 
  • Operator presence: Yes 
  • Zone: Yes 
  • BBC: N/A  
Mower Specifications 
  • Deck: 21-in. steel 
  • Discharge: 3-in-1 
  • Side Discharge: Standard 
  • Bag: Standard, 2 1/2 bu 
  • Mulch: Standard 
  • Transmission: Variable speed 
  • Wheels: 8x2 front caster, 9x2 rear 
  • Wheel adjusters: Individual at wheels 
  • U.S. Warranty: 2 year 
Post Review
05/02/2013 06:40

I bought mine used today. Puffs smoke. Is this the bent shaft?

07/01/2011 12:18

This is a piece of junk. All the pieces are breaking off one by one! Only my second season and the first season it was in the shop as well. John Deere should be ashamed to put this product on the m

07/28/2009 12:50

The crankshaft bends easily on this mower and isn't covered by the warranty. My lawn doesn't have stalagmites, tree stumps, or anything like that and I've used a cheap Murray lawn mower for years with no problem like a bent crankshaft. Second mowing season with the JD and it's been the shop for over 5 weeks. Newsflash: homeowners with walk-behind mowers are NOT the priority customers at a farm equipment dealer.

There was another js45 there with the exact same problem, a bent crankshaft. If you do a little research on the web, you'll see that it's a pretty common problem. Sounds like a design flaw to me. They should have the engineers from Murray come over and give them some tips LOL!



04/23/2011 02:57

If you are looking for a good quality product like you would expect from John Deere the JS35 is not the one to buy. Don't have to hit anything very substantial and the crankshaft will bend.



08/04/2012 03:59

Yes, beware of this Deere product, it's probably made up primarily of American-made 'quality' components, it just does not hold up! Even the B&S engine went south within the second season with ours. I would never recommend any JD product at this point. Their corporate interest has become misaligned with the old business model that once dictated a more realistic quality product that compelled most consumers to buy and recommend their brand product again. They will have no more repeat business from me.



06/03/2013 10:27

Mine has been like a tank for the last five years. I just found last week, the welds around the deck to front swivel wheel attachment has rusted through. I welded it and have not had a chance if I have another season to cut grass with it. The motor does puff a little smoke at the start. but stops soon after.



08/13/2013 06:42

I have had mine just over 4 years and would have to say that it is basically junk. I paid over $500 for this mower and have had nothing but problems including both of the grocery cart wheels detaching from the deck. I will be replacing this mower with a Honda.

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