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The John Deere JS25 is a base model walk behind, self driven lawnmower of those offered by John Deere.

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it's greene! and when it runs it runs good.

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The John Deere JS25 is a base model walk behind, self driven lawnmower of those offered by John Deere. It is powered by a 4 cycle 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine that has 6.75 lb-ft of gross torque.  The Fresh Start fuel tank cap contains fuel stabilizer that drips into the tank to ensure fresh fuel and quick starts at all times. It has built in safety features like the zone-start system which requires that the engine be started from behind the handle bar, and the blade is designed to stop when the control handle is released. The MowMentum Drive System gives you infinite speed adjustments from 0 to 3.6 mph by pivoting the handle control. The 3-in-1 blade provies outstanding cutting performance and is designed to be used with any of the three grass-clipping handling options; side-discharge, mulching or bagging. Cutting height is easily adjusted from 1.25" to 4" with one lever located over the rear wheel. The wheels themselves are made of high-impact plastic with a molded rubber tread for superior traction and long life. The handlebar has conveniently located controls for easy operation, and can be easily adjusted or folded down for compact storage or transport.

Engine Specifications 
  • Manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton
  • Power: 6.75 lb-ft gross torque per SAE J1940 
  • Displacement: 11.6 cu in. (190 cc) 
  • Type: 4 cycle, side valve 
  • Throttle control: Fixed speed 
  • Electric start: No 
  • Operator presence: Yes 
  • Zone: Yes 
  • BBC N/A  
Mower Specifications 
  • Deck: 21-in. steel 
  • Discharge: 3-in-1 
  • Side Discharge: Standard 
  • Bag: Standard, 2 1/2 bu 
  • Mulch: Standard 
  • Transmission: Variable speed 
  • Wheels: 8x2 front, 9x2 rear 
  • Wheel adjusters: One lever adjusts all wheels 
  • U.S. Warranty: 2 year 
Post Review
04/26/2012 09:26

The JS25 is a sad, inferior follow-on to really good prior models such as the JX75. The 25 has a stamped steel deck rather than cast aluminum, so expect rusting. It tends to be way over-revved such that it runs very hot, which can cause anything that comes into contact with the engine to ignite, and rapidly evaporates its oil because of that; and it will reduce life expectancy. The Mowmentum is a gimmick that is awkward to control and annoying compared to prior throttle controls. John Deere seems to have stopped caring.

05/15/2011 09:23

I have this mower and had problems with stalling, specifically when using the mowmentum drive. The problem was the throttle cord had too much slack. I drilled a hole 1/4 of an inch higher than the hole that the throttle cord was locked into and locked it into that hole. It now runs perfectly. I agree with the comment that the mowmentum doesn't exactly pull you but it does provide some pull that really seems to help.

09/04/2009 02:15

Ran rough after just a few mows. Now it Stalls every 15-20 minutes as though there is a vacuum lock in the fuel system and they charged me $40 to change the filter, plug and clean the carb...but got it back and Still broken! So it's been in service twice in one year. Hope I get it back soon, my lawn is growing fast. Not sure I like the momentum drive system, it is really difficult to turn around small objects like a sm tree or fire hydrant. I like a mower that pulls me up a small hill, but with the momentum drive it wont pull you at all since you need to push the lever to engage it. Should have purchased the red one!!!

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