The JL Audio 12W6v2 is a 12" sub-woofer in JL Audios W6v2 product series.

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The JL Audio 12W6v2 is a 12" sub-woofer in JL Audios W6v2 product series.  This series comes in 10", 12" and 13.5" models, and fits in just below JL Audio's benchmark W7 series of car audio subwoofers.  The technology used and core design of the W6v2 line is universal for all models with such features as elevated frame-cooling, and several patented cone designs such as W-Cone and Floating Cone Attach Method to provide a lightweight yet stiff assembly.  The 12W6v2 has a free air resonance of 25 Hz and like the 10W6v2, has a thermal power handling of 600W.  Operation of the speaker over 600W will void the warranty.  If looking to go to 750W, the 13W6v2 is recommended, or look in to the larger of the W7 series to go even higher.  The 12W6v2 weighs in at 19.4 lbs and a mounting depth of 7.6".   JL Audio provides a detailed owners manual, as well as tutorials on how to properly install their sub-woofers.

  • Free Air Resonance is 25.0 Hz
  • Electrical Q is 0.480 Qms
  • Mechanical Q is 7.100 Qms
  • Total Speaker Q is 0.450 Qts
  • Equivalent Compliance is 2.82 cu. ft. / 79.9 liters
  • On-Way, Linear Excursion is 0.65 in. / 16.5 mm
  • Reference Efficiency is 0.250%
  • Efficiency at 1W/1M is 85.9 dB SPL
  • Normal Impedance is dual 4 ohm
  • Thermal Power Handling is 600 W
  • Net Weight is 19.4 lbs. / 8.8 kg
  • Mounting depth is 7.6 in. / 193 mm
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