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The JL Audio 10W7 is a 10" audio subwoofer, in the W7 product series.

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works well in ported or sealed setups

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easy to install, doesn't need any special mounting brackets

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small enough to leave some trunk space left over

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sound quality is clearly defined, good detail

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built durable enough not to need extra grill protection

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excellent power output, especially for the size

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fairly expensive subwoofer, price puts it out of range for entry-level users

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The JL Audio 10W7 is a 10" audio subwoofer, in the W7 product series. This series provides models in 8, 10, 12 and 13 inches. The core design is consistent across the product line. The first number represents the size in inches for the surface area of the speaker. The 10W7 offers a free air resonance of 30.6 Hz and a thermal power handling of 750 W. The 10W7 offers between 125 to 500 watts of power. Operation over 750 watts is not recommended for this model and voids the warranty. To go up to 1,000 Watts, look at the 12W7 model. A detailed product manual is included with the subwoofer, along with a visual installation guide.  Online tutorials provide step by step instructions on the wiring and installation of the subwoofer. 

  • Free Air Resonance is 30.6 Hz
  • Electrical Q is 0.578 Qms
  • Mechanical Q is 7.647 Qms
  • Total Speaker Q is 0.537 Qts
  • Equivalent Compliance is 1.28 cu.ft or 36.1 liters
  • On-Way, Linear Excursion is 0.9 inches or 23 mm
  • Reference Efficiency is 0.171%
  • Efficiency at 1W/1M is 84.3 dB SPL
  • Normal Impedance is 3 ohm
  • Thermal Power Handling is 750 W
  • Net Weight is 30 lbs or 13.6 kg
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