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The JL Audio XR650-CSi is a 2 way component car speaker system.

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Overall sound outputting is clear and crisp - low, middle and high frequencies are punchy and well-balanced

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Tweeter components perform exceptionally well - can be taken to maximum levels without risk of distorting or blowing out

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Excellent value at the price point - cross over wires are highly versatile and can be easily adapted to most stock audio systems

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Installation is very simple - drilled mounting tabs can be quickly and easily aligned with pre-existing speaker bays for minimal user confusion

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Individual adjustability maximizes output possibilities - middle and high levels can be changed to suit varying genres

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Functions well in conjunction with rear coaxial speakers - promotes a clean in-car mix without "coloring" the sound

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Soft rubber suspensions may wear over time - not recommended for users who play primarily bass-heavy genres like hip hop and electro

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The JL Audio XR650-CSi is a 2 way component car speaker system. This system is part of the Evolution XR series and comes with two woofers, two tweeters and two cross over units. The woofers are 6.50 inches or 165 mm in diameter. They have a mineral filled polypropylene cone body, complete with a 1.0 inch or 25 mm voice coil. In addition, they have a symmetrical-roll spinder and a butyl rubber surround. The tweeters are 1.0 inches or 25 mm in diameter. Made of alumium, they have a soft, rubber suspension and are ferrofluid colled and damped. The magnet is neodyminm and they come with a variable mounting system with the ability to both swivel and rotate.  The crossover networks work on a two way network, with both a low pass and high pass circuit. The modules are made of premkum polypropylene film capacitors and air core inductors. The tweeters can be adjusted to 5 output levels and there is a 3 position midrange control in addition to polyswitch tweeter protection.

  • Continuous power handling is 70 Watts
  • Rec. power range per channel is 25 to 150 Watts
  • 89.5 dB @ 1W/1m system efficiency
  • 4 ohms system nominal impedance
  • 48 Hz to 25 KHz system frequency response within plus/minus 3 dB
  • 5 output levels on tweeters
  • Units come with mounting tabs
  • Woofer frame outer diamter is 6.52 inches or 165.5 mm
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