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The C5-650 is a component speaker system designed to give car owners a high quality sound in their vehicle.

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Excellent crossover control - drivers and tweeters can be individually adjusted for optimal levelling

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Works especially well alongside JL's line of subwoofers - the 10W series is highly recommended by many users

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Rubber surrounds significantly increase stability - minimizes excessive rattling and risk of speaker/door damage over time

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Sound outputting is of remarkably high quality - middle and high frequency ranges clear and full

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Functions very well as a door speaker - optimal performance is achieved in conjunction with Dynamat reinforcement tar

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Elevated Frame Cooling design greatly reduces risk of overheating - ferrofluid components provide even heat distribution for intensive listening sessions

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Proper setup is very complicated/difficult - users without extensive audio routing experience should seek professional assistance

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The C5-650 is a component speaker system designed to give car owners a high quality sound in their vehicle, without breaking the bank.  The JL Audio C5 evolution series is based on producing high-fidelity sound in the toughest acoustic environment using materials that have been proven in speaker design. The C5-650 is the mid-size speaker set available in this series with a 6 1/2" woofer, and is also available as a coaxial speaker set, named the C5-650x.  The 6 1/2" woofers have a mineral filled poly-propelene cone, Butyl rubber surround, 1" voice coil and are mounted in a cast alloy frame using JL Audio's patented Elevated Frame Cooling.  The 3/4" silk soft dome tweeters are powered by a Neodymium Magnet, use ferrofluid cooling and damping, and are mounted using a RSR Variable-Angle Flush-Mount System. This tweeter is universal across JL Audios C5 evolution product line. The two included 2-way crossover networks use a 1st order low-pass filter and 2nd order high-pass and comes equipped with a 4-position adjustable tweeter output level, 3-position midrange presence control and features Polyswitch tweeter protection.  Much like the tweeter, this crossover is used in all the C5 speaker sets.

  • Two 6 1/2" diameter speakers
  • Two 0.75" dome tweeters (19mm)
  • Two Crossover Networks
  • Overall Frequency Response:  48Hz - 25kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Power Handling (continuous):  75W
  • Power Handling (peak music):  225W
  • Recommended power range (per channel): 25W - 150W
  • Efficiency:  89.5 dB 
  • Driver Mount Diameter: 5.56" 
  • Driver Mount Depth: 2.54"
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