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The Jensen VM9424 is a mid-range CD receiver and A/V head unit similar to the Jensen VM9414.

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navigation system starts up instantly, no loading delay

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hard-key controls give good tactile feedback, easy to work with while vehicle is in motion

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finding destinations in the navigation system is almost completely without delay, very fast

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auto-dimmer makes display bright enough for direct sunlight, not distracting for night time driving

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3D view can get cluttered with icons for points of interest, gets confusing

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installation is complex enough to be out of reach for first-time installers

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need to download an update to avoid problem with loud voice-over volume

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The Jensen VM9424 is a mid-range CD receiver and A/V head unit similar to the Jensen VM9414. The VM9424 differs from the VM9414 in a few ways: it sports a smaller 6.2" touchscreen (the VM9414's is 7"), includes an IR remote control and sports a double-DIN build (the VM9414 is a single-DIN receiver). Otherwise, the two head units sport the same basic features, including: a rear USB port, an SD card slot, a built-in navigation system and Bluetooth capability.

The VM9424's rear USB port allows users to plug in any USB storage device and playback WMA and MP3 files directly while also providing full iPod integration, allowing song/artist info and search functions in addition to audio/video playback. Its SD card slot allows the VM9424 to playback audio files from and SD card as well while also storing navigation information on any inserted SD card, allowing for quick updating, back and recovery. Meanwhile, the VM9424 is capable of syncing with any Bluetooth capable mobile device, providing hands-free use.


  • 6.2" full colour TFT touchscreen
  • USB port for use with USB storage devices and iPods
  • Front panel SD card slot
  • Navigation: US Teleatlas map data, 10 million POIs, Cepstral TTS and male-female TTS voice
  • Bluetooth capable
  • IR remote included
  • DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW compatible
  • Can handle MP3/WMA
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Anthony Lipari
12/06/2010 04:32

Purchased two units both do not work properly have to return



12/07/2010 03:06

Must not have installed properly. My vm9424 works great :P
The only thing that I don't like is that there is a pause between songs, which is annoying for techno mixes which are supposed to fade into the next song

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